• 12Dec

    Thanks for watching! :) Please message me with any questions,etc. xo

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5 Comments to The Best Moisturizers & Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin! ♡

  • YeseniaParisRecords says:

    hey lovely check …
    hey lovely check my channel xoxo hugs

  • Megsbeautyx0x says:

    It might have …
    It might have broken you out because your skin wasn’t used to the product yet! When trying out products you should always give them 30 days to let your skin adapt to them! Trust me it’s happened to me 500 times lol I have such sensitive skin :(

  • 2007xoxox says:

    The olay broke me …
    The olay broke me out….or is it the spf that breaks me out??? don’t know?

  • Megsbeautyx0x says:

    Awesome! Your …
    Awesome! Your welcome:)

  • oheytoribeauty says:

    Think I may try …
    Think I may try out the olay moisturiser! So informative hehe thanks girl!

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