• 12Dec

    You like Sunscreen?

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  • 12Dec

    There’s this SPF50 baby lotion but ALL the adult ones are sold out at walmart, because it’s starting to get hot.

    i would use it if anything its gonna be better for ur skin right? treatin ur skin like a baby and it has 50 spf so i would but then again im no doctor. however i always choose baby over adult sunscreen for the reasons stated above.

  • 06Dec

    Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath brings you more of Judy Ann as she gives skin tips to the Johnson’s Baby Philippines Facebook Community. Check out her advise on how to have supermom skin, how to take care of yourself and your family!

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  • 05Dec

    Which works better against the sun? I want to have paler skin. And the so*cal sun is really killing that.

    Also does the spf really matter?

    Doesn’t matter which kind, you want to be paler, so the higher the SPF the paler you’ll stay. The highest is 110 which I own personally because I like to have an even tan through spray tanning

  • 30Nov

    I need to prove that this stuck up rich girl is a big fat LIAR and she is NOT the baby on the sunscreen bottle. ( BTW she says she moved to my town from California. She’s all dramatic because her house isn’t as huge as it was on her "private island" and she used to have her own "shack" WHATEVER MEANIE! She’s HAS TO BE A LAIR! Sorry, I know this sounds so childish… )

    Cheri Brand, who is now 48. Tell your friend to suck it! :)