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    FDA-Approved Sunscreens

    Chemical Absorbers:
    Aminobenzoic acid (PABA) UVB
    Avobenzone UVA1
    Cinoxate UVB
    Dioxybenzone UVB, UVA2
    Ecamsule (Mexoryl SX) UVA2
    Ensulizole (Phenylbenzimiazole Sulfonic Acid) UVB
    Homosalate UVB
    Meradimate (Menthyl Anthranilate) UVA2
    Octocrylene UVB
    Octinoxate (Octyl Methoxycinnamate) UVB
    Octisalate ( Octyl Salicylate) UVB
    Oxybenzone UVB, UVA2
    Padimate O UVB
    Sulisobenzone UVB, UVA2
    Trolamine Salicylate UVB
    Physical Filters:
    Titanium Dioxide UVB, UVA2
    Zinc Oxide UVB,UVA2, UVA1

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  • 12Dec

    This is the deal. I am allergic to some inactive ingredient in sunscreen. I tried chemical and physical (titanium and zinc oxide) sunscreens. my reaction to the chemical sunscreen was a swelling in my lips (no matter where I apply it, the reaction is always in the lips area) . when I tried the physical sunscreen (that is also hypoallergenic) , I had the same reaction with less severity. Now I am assuming I’m allergic to some inactive ingredient that both sunscreens have. I want to try an organic sunscreen. Any past experiences with such issue ? and which organic sunscreen (or any sunscreen) do you recommend and why ?
    Thanks everybody

    I’m not really sure, but i have a sensitivity to certain skin products too. I would say that organic is the way to go. I always go to organic products. Have you tried special lip balm? You should try the organic and all-natural products since I think that the chances of reaction is less. If the problem gets worse, I would see a dermatologist or bring it up at your next check-up or physical exam.

  • 06Dec

    Make your own sunscreen lotion in a pump bottle using beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil and zinc oxide. With the ratio in this recipe, you can expect an SPF of about 15. Find more recipes and products at www.hardlotion.com

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  • 05Dec

    I use a sunscreen that has only micronized zinc oxide( DeVita Solar Body Block), but I feel like that isn’t enough protection. I want to use Anthelios products, but they contain weird chemicals that I feel would be unhealthy to apply on a regular basis. Any suggestions for one that works very well and lasts throughout the day?

    Sunscreen that contains titanium dioxide is pretty good. They are non greasy and go on smooth, just like lotion. They protect you from sun rays and also have healing properties that should be excellent for damaged skin.

  • 30Nov

    Hi Jennifer,

    What really is the question ?

    Perhaps looking mass of ZnO in a tube . . . This must be given the volume of a tube . . .

    I give the mass of ZnO for 1 mL . . .

    . . . to you to do the calculation for a tube . . .

    m(ZnO) = m(sunscreen) x %
    m(ZnO) = 2,82 x 3,55/100
    m(ZnO) = 0,100 g of ZnO . . . . for 1mL