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    I use one from Coppertone for Kids.
    Just a note on how to use sprays and lotions on kids:
    - child MUST be older then 6 months old!!
    - apply to your hand first then smooth onto skin of child
    - avoid eyes, mouth and hands as they bite their hands and sweeting can cause it to get into their mouth and eyes if it's applied too closel to them.
    - apply 20-30 minutes BEFORE going into the sun that's how long it takes for any sunscreen to become active on anyone
    and during this time they can easily burn still
    - don't stop using hats or sunglasses, the sunscreen doesn't stop sun from causing eye damage as children don't know enough not to stare at the sun. Hats because their hair may be too fine to protect the top of their heads from the sun.
    - reapply when they come out of the water even if they are wearing "waterproof" it's a misconception that it doesn't come of it's just more resistant to water then others.

    Note: My son is a white blonde with death white skin naturally like his Mom so sunscreen is a big thing for us. What I did was get him used to me rubbing him down with baby lotion first and then switched to sunscreen when he was old enough. Today he developed his own baby sign for sunscreen.

    How to apply to baby's face:
    - pea sized drop on back of your hand.
    - tap finger tip into it and dab off excess then rub onto forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Tabbing finger on back of hand when you need more.
    - don't forget the back of neck, exposed arms and legs do about 1 inch higher then where the shorts and sleeves end.

    Also it's now fashionable for kids under 10 yrs old now to wear sun suits when swimming. These are becoming more easily available (Saw them in Zellers this year.)

    It's clothing (hats, shorts, shirts and even body suit types) that have natural sun blocking high tech fabric that dries fast and breaths well. (Originally used by surfers) This can help lessen the exposure to the sun and speed up reapplying of sun screen by reducing the areas that need to be covered.

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    I read somewhere that sunscreen without zinc oxide protects you from burn but doesn't neccessarily protect you from skin cancer but last night when I looked at all the sunscreens in the grocery store none of them had zinc oxide in the ingredients. Where can I find something that does? Which brands have it? I do have a face lotion called Purpose that has it but I need an all over sunscreen.

    Blue lizard makes a sunscreen with zinc oxide. You may have to o to a drug store for this. It costs a little more than regular sunscreen, but it works wonders. There is the regular kind, the face kind, and I want to say they have a baby one too. I had a fresh scar on my face a couple of summers ago and my dermatologist insisted that I use this daily so as to protect it from the sun. It is a great sunscreen. It takes a little longer to blend in than others, but unlike straight zinc oxide, you can get it to blend in so you don't have to walk around with visible white stuff. Another bonus–the bottle turns blue when exposed to UV rays (completely useless, but kind of cool).

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    I hate how sunscreens feel so greasy and heavy on your face, but I hate the thought of doing more damage to my troubled skin even more! What's the best sunscreen to use? Should I use sunscreen over my regular acne treatment moisturizer?
    I don't wear makeup, so I won't use an SPF foundation. Though that's a very good way for some people to get sun protection on a daily basis.

    nutreginea. look or no oil, non comodogenic.

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    I have read that you shouldn’t put sunscreen on a baby until they are at least 6 months and I have also heard that not until they are a year. So does this mean no going to the pool or anything until then?

    you can buy Toddler Milk Sunscreen for children who are 3mths old.

    Until then short plays in the sun are fine.

    Here in Queensland Australia our sun burns skin quickly, so we are recommended to keep little ones out of direct sun play between 10am – 3pm. But outside of those hours your baby should be experiencing a little bit of sun each day for his/her vitamin D requirements. 15mins in the sun is perfectly healthy outside of the “danger times” of the day. Even laying in a sun beam inside (with out clothes on) will benefit baby each day.

    Swimming is so much fun, go for it :) baby pools always have shade available so use it to your advantage! here in queensland baby pools are shaded completely and are warm water too so babies can be comfortable – so suss out what you have locally available to you and go for it!

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