• 30Jun

    This is how I make my Cu Tea all natural sunscreen. The Zinc Oxide is the KEY ingredient here.

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  • 30Jun

    http://RawElementsUSA.com – Garrett McNamara, arguably the most extreme athlete on the planet, fears little. After all, he’s the first in history to ride tsunamis from an exploding glacier. He rode the biggest barrel in history, coming off of a 90-foot wave. And, he was the first surfer in history to be towed into a big wave by a helicopter. Here at Shark Park, San Miguel Island he lives to talk about a huge wipeout.

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  • 30Jun

    Tommorow my mother & step father are having a cookout at the lake and have invited me to come. Of course I will have my daughter with me whos 3months old. Is it alright to use baby sunscreen on her?

    Is their anything else I can do to avoid her getting sunburnt?

    - jeωeℓℓчssα’s мαмα *;

    Perfume is not the only bad thing in sunscreen chemical formulas. If you want an all natural option, use a brand called California Baby. They sell it at Target. It is the least offensive and they also have a 30 SPF with insect repellent. Just watch, try a small area first and make sure it doesn’t cause irritation.

    Of course, keep her in the shade. I have a great cover for my car seat. It’s a universal cover made by Uppababy. It has SPF protection (shade), insect netting, and a zippable rain cover. It is fabulous and ingenious! I only wish I had gotten it when my baby was younger, because I would have used it a lot. It fits most covers. I have a Graco SafeSeat.

    Big hats, Stroller visors or umbrellas, baby sunglasses, and long clothing….all are good ways to keep your baby shaded. And make sure to keep her well hydrated (no water or juice yet though….just some cool formula, maybe a few drops of water if she’s sweating.)

    Keep her away from smoke too, and have fun!

  • 30Jun

    which organic face sunscreen is most effective? I know zinc oxide and titanium are bad to certain percentages but which organic sunscreen would you recommand?

    Extra-virgin olive & coconut oils contain natural sunscreens.

  • 30Jun

    that has protection against uva AND uvb rays

    Blue Lizard. That’s what my dermatologist recommended. You have to ask for it at the pharmacy counter….Target usually carries it.