• 31Oct

    MelanSol 100% Natural Baby Sunscreen SPF 30 is one the safest baby sunscreens you can buy. Its certified natural by the Natural Products Assoc. of the US, contains 3 premium antioxidants that provide amazing UV protection, while ingredients keep eyes burn free, and skin nourished, conditioned, hydrated and rejuvenated.

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  • 31Oct

    Best OrganiSunscreen – All Natural Sunsren – Zinc Oxide Sunscreen http://www.rawelementsusa.com Best all-natural sunscreen testimonial by pro-paddle boarder Heather Baus. Heather uses Raw Elements all-natural organic sunscreen to protect her and her family from the extreme conditions of being out on the water all day.

    Heather has used many sunscreens in the past and finds Raw Elements sunscreen to be the best sunscreen offering maximum protection from the sun.

    Raw Elements sunscreen can be purchased online at http:/www.rawelementsusa.com or as many wholesale locations including Whole Foods New England.

    Learn the facts about Sun damage and start protecting your skin with the safest all-natural sunscreen on the market today. Find out why the world’s top outdoor extreme athletes use the best zinc oxide sunscreen, which also is an all natural sunscreen here; http://www.rawelementsusa.com/understanding-sun-protection/uv-radiation/

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    You can purchase the best organic sunscreen by visiting our website;http://www.rawelementsusa.com/products-page/

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  • 31Oct

    These are Badger’s original sunscreen formulas and are the best choice for a day at the pool or at the beach. We have an SPF 34 Lightly Scented with Lavender and an SPF 34 Unscented, which smells a little but like the cocoa butter in the base. The only active ingredient in these sunscreens is uncoated, non-nano, zinc oxide. This mineral provides excellent broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. The inactive ingredients are things you recognize such as organic extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter. These ingredients are full of vitamins and antioxidants that are really good for your skin. These sunscreens are water resistant for at least 40 minutes of swimming or sweating. It’s also biodegradable and safe for coral reefs. Most importantly its safe for you and your family.

    Visit: http://www.badgerbalm.com/p-462-spf-34-unscented-sunscreen.aspx

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  • 31Oct

    Basking in the sun is a summertime staple, but wearing sunscreen is a must. Whether you’re hitting the beach or just sitting at a café, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is best. Along with protecting you against skin cancer, a broad-spectrum sunscreen blocks both the UVB rays that can lead to a burn and the UVA rays that cause premature skin aging. So before you go out, slather it on. Here are three nongreasy options we think you’ll love.

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  • 25Oct

    ZINC OXIDE SUNSCREEN. – BEST ORGANIC SUNSCREEN – ALL NATURAL SUNSCREEN http://www.rawelementsusa.com makes the top rated EWG sunscreen with zinc oxide and certified organic sunscreen ingredients. Zinc Oxide offers the best sunscreen protection available.
    Raw Elements UA Physical Eco Protection Sunscreen is #1 top rated by The Environmental Working Group with Zinc Oxide and Certified Organic Sunscreen Ingredients.

    Every year the Environmental Working Group releases its Sunscreen Report which analyzes over 1,800 SPF products in the US market for safety and efficacy. This report is dedicated to providing consumers with a transparent review of sunscreen products’ marketing claims, ingredient safety, environmental impact and overall protection efficacy.

    For the second year in a row Raw Elements All Natural Sunscreen received the top honor, #1 rating for safety and efficacy with “excellent” UVA protection. Utilizing over 70% certified organic sunscreen ingredients and natural Zinc Oxide as the sole active ingredient, this sunscreen is free of any preservatives, chemicals or fragrances. More details regarding Raw Elements all natural organic sunscreen ingredients can be found on the Company’s website. Raw Elements Sunscreen is an ALL Natural Sunscreen that is considered to be the safe for babies, children and adults while being completely eco – friendly.

    What really separates Raw Elements from any other product, natural or chemical, is its ability to be gentle enough for use in infant care yet perform for the most extreme athletes. This is evident in its acceptance into Whole Foods Market this summer as well as being surfer Garrett McNamara’s sunscreen of choice on his Guinness World Record Wave. There are many products claiming to be organic sunscreens and all natural sunscreens, but only a few actually perform to the highest standards and achieve a top ranking by the Environmental Working Group. Raw Elements All-Natural Sunscreen provides maximum broad spectrum protection and is highly water resistant and will not run into or cause your eyes the typical sunscreen burning sensation.

    Raw Elements USA has also been recognized as a trendsetter in the all natural sunscreen category by HAPPI Magazine in its annual sunscreen industry review. HAPPI is the leading publication for manufacturers in the household and personal products industry. Guadagno and Raw Elements were showcased alongside representatives from the largest commercial brands in this years review, ‘The Next Wave’. The HAPPI article can be viewed here!

    Besides its certified organic sunscreen ingredients and being free of chemicals, Raw Elements USA blocks UVB as well as UVA wavelengths with only one natural active ingredient, Zinc Oxide. This renders the sunscreen truly broad spectrum under the new FDA regulations and is SPF 30+ as well as very water resistant (80 minutes).

    Raw Elements USA is committed to education on sun protection, Skin Cancer prevention and delivering the safest, most effective sunscreen into the world. Guadagno says, “I am extremely excited about the launch of our new educational website. Skin Cancer education is paramount to preventing skin damage. We have worked hard to deliver an attractive experience where people can clearly learn the facts without confusion. I believe we accomplished that in our new site.”

    Learn more about the ingredients used in Raw Elements All Natural sunscreen with zinc oxide sunscreen ingredients here; http://www.rawelementsusa.com/ingredients/

    Raw Elements Sunscreen can be bought at at select stores nationwide or simply buy your top rated EWG sunscreen online – http://www.rawelementsusa.com/products-page/

    Share this video with friends and visit our website to learn more about protecting your skin from the sun. http://youtu.be/y7uMSeQnRBM

    Buy the best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen today.

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