• 30Nov

    I need to prove that this stuck up rich girl is a big fat LIAR and she is NOT the baby on the sunscreen bottle. ( BTW she says she moved to my town from California. She’s all dramatic because her house isn’t as huge as it was on her "private island" and she used to have her own "shack" WHATEVER MEANIE! She’s HAS TO BE A LAIR! Sorry, I know this sounds so childish… )

    Cheri Brand, who is now 48. Tell your friend to suck it! :)


  • 30Nov

    Hi Jennifer,

    What really is the question ?

    Perhaps looking mass of ZnO in a tube . . . This must be given the volume of a tube . . .

    I give the mass of ZnO for 1 mL . . .

    . . . to you to do the calculation for a tube . . .

    m(ZnO) = m(sunscreen) x %
    m(ZnO) = 2,82 x 3,55/100
    m(ZnO) = 0,100 g of ZnO . . . . for 1mL

  • 30Nov

    Hey everyone! I want to know what’s the best Sunscreen lotion in stores? Cuz like right now its august and it’s very warm. I want to find the best sunscreen cuz i don’t like to get sunburns. Please help! Thank you. :)

    Hawaiian Tropic is a good sunscreen to use, & it smells like coconut :)

    This is the kind I have now & it’s awesome


  • 29Nov

    Here’s a review on one of my favourite sun protection brands, Invisible zinc (IZ). There are many pros and cons to wearing a physical sunscreen:

    - Has superior sun protection capabilities to more effectively prevent the signs of premature ageing and pigmentation
    - Zinc oxide is a natural, mineral sunscreen therefore is suited for people even with the most sensitive skin
    - Assists with would healing and helps keep your skin healthy and plump as the body requires zinc for the synthesis of collagen
    - Unlike most sunscreens, invisible zinc does not make you oily or break you out in fact topically applied zinc can help control facial oil produced throughout the day, and reduce inflammation and rashes
    - Zinc helps to heal and prevent acne blemishes so IZ is great for acne prone skin

    - May leave a white cast on face
    - Not so great to wear in photos with flash photography as the UV light-reflecting properties cause skin to appear a not-so-flattering white
    - Those with dry skin may find IV a little drying however the IZ ESP and Tinted Daywear do include a moisturizer
    - You need to use a lot of product to obtain the high level of sun protection

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  • 29Nov

    Ancient Mayan Formula, Batab products are natural, biodegrabable and eco friendly. Skin care for sun and SPA and Spa home. Sunblocks, aftersun, tanning lotions, mosquito repellent, minerals from Chicxulub Crater, Chocolate Shampoo

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